Ellmore Factory Racing

Established as more of a group of friends than a 'racing team' Ellmore Factory Racing prides itself on racing hard, looking stylish and enjoying riding our bikes.

This collection of reprobates who should know better includes:

Dan Bell

I started racing as a juvenile and was lucky enough to be able to join VC Lincoln. I have mainly ridden road races and cyclocross with varied results. Riding a frozen Junior National Cyclocross Champs course at Wolverhampton I managed to drop the bike every lap in the same place. I have also managed not to get lapped by Sven Nys riding in Middlefart, Denmark.

Several years later I managed to ride to a third place in the U23 National Cyclocross Champs at Sutton Park and secure a place on the GB U23 squad for the World Championships in Denmark. A year later I managed to secure place on the Senior GB team travelling to a World Cup Cyclocross race in Switzerland.

Nowadays I spend more time driving a desk than cycling but still manage to ride and race and still get those pre-race nerves. Generally found towards the rear of races or holding a stopwatch as a trainee commissaire.


Graham Clark

Got into cross racing after a few years of motorbikes, canoes and scuba diving. Bought a mountain bike, and one day I bumped into a bunch of other MTB’ers. Keen to get into racing, asked one of them if they did any, after a pause, the reply was “er, I'm Mick Daley”. So that was that, he got me cyclo crossing at the age of 35.

Did the MTB league that accompanied the cross league, did alright, then moved over to the cross league, did alright, managed to win the cross league in my final year as a senior. As a Vet, won the vets league a few times, then somehow, I turned 50! in between cross seasons, did a lot of kite buggying, again with Daley, so that was my excuse for not doing any road racing! Lives in Branston, 1 woman, 1 boy, 1 girl, 1 dog, 3 parrots and the money pit that is my marine aquarium!


Simon Croft

After numerous years attempting to race two and four wheel engined devices, Simon thought now he's progressing in years lets make things more of a challenge and look at two wheels without an engine but with pedals instead, so six years ago he began to race mtbs and road bikes and last year the challenge of Cx.

Competing for fun enjoyment and fitness with the odd result thrown in. Being supported by number 1 fan wife nicola and pet dog Dibley. So let's see what Cx has in store for this grand vet.

Photo Credit: Richard Howes Photography


Martin Kennedy

I started racing at 12, crits and circuit racing, best achievement was 5th in the national schoolboy circuit race champs. Had many podium finishes as a schoolboy, progressed to junior and senior ranks, road racing been my discipline. Rode some of the Peter Buckley series and rode Lincoln Grand Prix 3 times.

Had a season racing in France for a team there, then returned to the UK and at 21years old, hung my wheels up at 23.After 13 years of not touching a bike I bought an mtb and rode for fun to start with, loved the off road part of it, so entered a lincs cross race that year, only to finish 2nd last!

The following year i bought a cyclocross bike and never looked back, progressed every year to eventually win my first national title at 45 yrs old, also winning the Lincolnshire cyclocross title. I then rode my first world cyclocross championship in 2021 and again in 2022.


Nigel Middlehurst

Definitely the old man of the team! as they say old enough to know better but young enough to remember how!Made a comeback (again) a couple of years ago, to race cross, mountain bikes and a few crits, with the odd enduro and sportive thrown in for good measure.

I've been riding a bike since I was about seven but have been distracted by dingy racing, car racing, rallying and growing family over the years but keep coming back to riding a bike, still love the freedom, the speed and the adrenaline. Still got a competitive spirit but find training and recovery harder and harder!


Ivan Oxborough

Starting cycling in his early 20’s, Ivan enjoyed time trials until he discovered road racing, which he enjoyed this until he discovered cyclocross. He realised early on that training for road racing was hard work and didn’t fit in with his plans of becoming a proficient commuter.

His minimal gains approach to training by cycling to work and back with a couple of weekly rides ‘around the block’ on the way home has happily given him a palmares of consistently average results across the disciplines.


Adam Robinson

I started off riding club 10’s on a whim with a friend in 2004 who said lets go and try a 10mile time trial; how hard can it be...  a slippery slope for the ever elusive ‘just’ a bit quicker time, a new family and life in the middle, resulted in a not so quick 23min 45sec result in 2015, but one I was pleased with.

2015 saw a sidewides move to get track accreditation at Derby Velodrome with some top 10 results in the beginners Category C Derby Track League in 2016 with promotion to Category B in 2017 managing a few points and a win on the way.  A dabble in MTB racing in 2016 resulting in many smiles but a realisation that I wasn’t as fit as I could or should be for racing.  The challenge of cross was raised in 2017 and superseded time trialing as way more fun and just as crazy.

2017 saw me finish joint 18th which I was very well pleased with considering I only raced 4 of the 6 points qualifying events but a jump to Vets saw the competition increase somewhat and new fellow team mates all at the pointy end. 


Sam Tuplin

A tester by nature, Sam has attempted Cross and MTB with varying success since taking up cycling 15 years ago. Currently making full use of a degree in Transport and Product design by working as a data analyst in an Educational Training company, Sam often dreams of riding one of his own bike designs one day.

Having taken a couple years away from cycling after damaging his knee during a charity ride from Lands End to John O’Groats, he now hopes to recover the form of days gone by…..or crash heavily trying.


Patrick Warren

Otherwise known as PATRICK "How does my position look?" WARREN. Back to winning ways in 2017, Patrick hopes to again retain his 2nd Cat licence in 2018, in his drive to be the oldest 2nd cat in the East Midlands, simply by enduring the grind for longer than his rivals.

As a master tactician ( 'sit on' ), he hopes his ability to read a race ( 'sit on') and be there at the finish ( 'sit on' ) will yield plenty of opportunities to sneak the points needed on the road and track. Will be relying heavily on his preferred lead out Alison Stringer, and trying to to figure out how to generate enough speed to come by her and get across the line 1st.

Occasionally seen concentrating very hard on keeping upright and moving forward on his TT bike...but not very often


Steve Wood

A mountain biker for fun for years then started road cycling in 2012. Steves 1st ever road race was in 2013. Cat 3 in 2014.

Then decided I much preferred the mud so decided to do my 1st cross race in 2015. Instantly hooked and haven't looked back since. Still dabble in road racing just to keep fit ready for the winter. You won't find me contesting a sprint but hopefully I make it harder for everyone in the middle bits