Graham Clark


Got into cross racing after a few years of motorbikes, canoes and scuba diving. Bought a mountain bike, and one day I bumped into a bunch of other MTB’ers. Keen to get into racing, asked one of them if they did any, after a pause, the reply was “er, I'm Mick Daley”. So that was that, he got me cyclo crossing at the age of 35.

Did the MTB league that accompanied the cross league, did alright, then moved over to the cross league, did alright, managed to win the cross league in my final year as a senior, thanks to future team mate Rick breaking his collar bone (Thanks Rick) As a Vet, won the vets league a few times, then somehow, I turned 50! in between cross seasons, did a lot of kite buggying, again with Daley, so that was my excuse for not doing any road racing! Lives in Branston, 1 woman, 1 boy, 1 girl, 1 dog, 3 parrots and the money pit that is my marine aquarium!