Custom Running & Triathlon Clothing

size-samplesOur custom design clothing range contains everything you will need to compete or run, complemented by our comprehensive cycling range for cycling in al weather, click on the garments below for their full specification. Our minimum order quatity is 5 items in total, we can create order windows for clubs using the online ordering facilty then combine individual members orders to get to the minimum order total.

To keep track of your total order costs please contact us and ask for our order calculator.

We also have a range of size samples in the most popular items that we can send you to try on before you order.  

Running & Triathlon Clothing Range

running-vest-2 running-t-2 tri-vest tri-shorts-2
  trisuit-sleeveless-2 trisuit-short sleeve-2  

We work with top triathletes to test and develop our clothing, such as Simon George.